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Client Stories – Caroline Bower Lawrence

“We had a great experience and have remained friends. We would strongly recommend Mary Wassef and the team at Circa Real Estate.”

Mary Wassef - Client Testimonial - The Talbert Family

Talbert Family

When Jacquelyn prepared to move to the Heights from San Antonio, she worried that the process would be complicated and frustrating. “She was also searching for a new job at the time,” Mary said with a sly grin. “I referred her to an employer who then hired her! She is now an interior designer and I love collaborating with her… She’s so easy to work with and her home is always stunning! Beautifully decorated and just absolutely every single thing done that would be needed to show the home.”

Mary’s upbeat attitude and dedication to Jacquelyn’s future made a huge impact on her that was not forgotten. “We have worked with Mary and her team for the past 10 years and will continue to over and over. Mary and her team are professionals and experts at what they do!” Jacquelyn said, thinking of the wide variety of real estate transactions that have occurred over the years. “Every transaction is different and comes with different scenarios… Mary and her team knew exactly how to handle each and every one. All of our transactions closed smoothly and effortlessly. Circa Real Estate is a seasoned company who prides themselves in making their clients happy. We certainly have been happy working with them!”