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Client Stories – The Bailey/Olstad Family

“Mary is a top-notch Heights Realtor and she and her team have remarkable knowledge of the luxury home market.”

Elbert Johnson - Renovo Homes LLC - Preferred Builder - Houston Texas Real Estate

Elbert Johnson client

Mary Wassef met Elbert when he purchased a house in Houston Heights in 2008. “When I decided to start Renovo Homes, LLC. to develop luxury homes in the Heights soon thereafter, I knew where to turn,” he said. Mary’s experience in new construction gives her unique value as a real estate agent, and her close work with businesses like Renovo Homes, LLC. further positions her as an expert. “Elbert decided that building was a great career for him. I’ve represented him on every house that he has done. We’ve helped him build his site and really love our partnership with Elbert and his team,” Mary said.

Elbert’s homes are so gorgeous they could sell themselves, but Elbert insisted on giving Circa Real Estate some credit. In addition to selling homes Renovo develops, Mary works on finishes and floorplans as a project consultant. “Mary’s knowledge of the local market and customer trends is crucial to my decision-making from selecting lots, to architecture, to interior design.”

Circa Real Estate also prides itself on providing marketing for each and every home as a courtesy to agents and clients to aid in the sale of homes. Elbert said, “With Mary and her team, I feel like my listings are a high priority with consistent photography updates, events, and more to help my homes and business gain awareness.”

“I would not do a residential real estate transaction without them,” he said.