With Mary Wassef’s knowledge of Houston and market trends, and with a full marketing team by her side, there is no better resource for selling your home.

And when Mary takes on a listing, it’s not just her—with a professional writer, marketing team, operations manager, and working partner, Mary has the ability to give your property the attention and marketing edge that it needs to stand out, and ensure nothing is missed in the listing process. When listing your home with Mary, you can expect to:

  • Receive a specialized marketing plan and pricing suggestion that is customized for your specific, noting the best highlights and best selling points to lead with
  • Have your home added your home to not only one of the largest, most powerful multiple listing services in the country, but also marketed on two websites, various social media platforms, Mary’s 3,000+ network of contacts, and other multiple listings services.
  • Work with a team of professional writers, photographers, and coordinators that are trained to focus on the details and highlights of your home, so that nothing will be missed
  • Sell more than just your home—Mary markets all aspects of what adds value to a home, including location and possible unmet potential

Let Mary put her resources and knowledge to work for you. Call today for more information or read more about Mary’s team.