Houston is a growing and developing city. Throughout the region, the Houston-Galveston Area Council forecasts that populations are expected to increase to 7.5 million in 2020 and to 10 million people by 2040**.

We are already witnessing this amazing growth in our favorite communities—and as more and more people crave inner-city living, the most lauded builders are putting their best foot forward to provide beautiful luxury living. Tasteful, well-built homes are prime real estate in these bustling communities, such as the Heights, Oak Forest, and Norhill neighborhoods.

Mary Wassef is fortunate to have wonderful relationships with the best builders in the area—builders who create homes with high taste, beautiful designs, and an eye for the community and its environment.

Here are just a few of the builders with whom Mary works closely provide her clients the best home available, in their favorite neighborhoods. Contact Mary for more details or to start building your home!


Romero Builders LLC

Under the guidance of his uncle, Rodolfo Romero, Michael Romero began building homes more than 20 years ago. As he grew within his family’s company, it became apparent that Michael had a talent of his own, excelling above all in design and project management. With a strong purpose to provide quality, style, and integrity for every person who owns a Renovo Home, Michael began M. Romero Builders LLC. His distinct, high-end style and affinity towards creating custom homes creates a widely diverse portfolio of distinct homes in neighborhoods throughout the city. With custom homes of up to 9,870 sq feet, to a more traditional style found in Arlington Gardens of the Heights, to more contemporary builds in EaDo, Michael Romero’s homes exude high-quality design, upper-end living, and unique style.



Renovo Homes

Specializing in custom homes, Renovo Homes combines classic design and old world craftsmanship with modern convenience and energy efficiency. Owner Elbert Johnson, who has won Houston Heights Association Community Improvement Awards for both “Best New Build” and “Best Renovation,” only builds new homes within the Heights area. The long-term relationships that Renovo fosters with his clients is particularly unique—and it’s all because Elbert goes above and beyond to take care of his clients. Only building three to five homes a year, Elbert’s selective in his projects because he pours his heart into them. He thrives off of the creative process and no two homes of his are ever the same. For those lucky enough to have a project with Renovo, they continue to be spokespeople of his work, offering public tours of their beautiful and magazine-worthy homes.



Southland Homes of Texas

A high-end custom home builder in Houston, Texas, Southland Homes specializes in quality design and high-end construction in Houston and the surrounding area. Southland Homes has received the Good Brick Award and has been featured in magazines throughout the city, including Houston House & Home Magazine. By far one of the most prestigious builders in the Greater Houston Area, Southland Homes mixes luxury with social responsibility. Southland Homes is an ENERGY STAR Building Partner, with a LEED-certified consultant on staff to ensure a commitment to environmental responsibility and energy efficiency. They use formaldehyde-free insulation and low-VOC paints on all projects. The Southland Home standard is what most builders would consider top-tier, with drilled pier foundations, ten-foot ceilings, radiant barriers, smooth sheetrock finishes, and more. From new builds, remodeling, historic renovations, and even custom homes, Southland Homes only offers high-quality results.


J.G. Hollins Builders

With 20 years of experience in the residential development industry, J.G. Hollins Builders is dedicated to building and cultivating a legacy of quality luxury homes. Well-known for J.G. Hollins’ signature “Southern Comfort” series of homes in Houston, seen particularly in the Cottage Grove and Shady Acres neighborhoods, the design and architecture is inspired from elegant churches and Creole-styled homes from Southern Louisiana. Moved by philanthropy and the nostalgic and artistic aesthetic of the historic communities near the Heights, J.G. Hollins Builders have made a name for themselves in luxury and excellence. Highly involved in the building community, J.G. Hollins is a part of the Greater Houston Builders Association, the Greater Heights Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Acres Home Chamber of Business and Economic Development.



**Click here for source from H-GAC.