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5 Ways to Prep for
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There’s no denying that we all lead busy lives, but when you prepare to buy or sell a home, your to-do list might be a mile longer than usual. While some items are easy enough to check off, others might require quite a bit more time, research, and attention. No matter how busy life gets, keep these 5 things in mind when preparing to buy or sell a home.



Everyone knows that a home’s appearance is important! There are some special considerations to keep in mind when buying or selling, though, and paying attention to them can make a huge difference to your wallet…

Use of current colors and staging to show a lived-in feel.
SOLD in Houston Heights

Sellers: Making sure that your home’s aesthetic is up-to-date can result in bigger offers, and the process doesn’t have to be painful. Simply applying a fresh coat of paint, changing knobs and fixtures, and replacing old window coverings can give a home a major facelift. A Realtor® can help. I love design. It’s my job to know what is current and will attract buyers. I’ve worked with countless clients to make their homes attractive to the target audience of their home(s). I would be thrilled to set you on the right course in your own remodeling efforts!

Buyers: The idea of purchasing a home that needs a renovation can feel daunting, but I encourage you to look past what meets the eye. Consider all the other benefits of the home like its location, square footage, and yard space. The beauty of renovating a home yourself is that it will be uniquely “you.” Being willing to put in some work will also differentiate you from other buyers and can reduce competition on the home! A Realtor® can help you. As an experienced broker, I have negotiated numerous repairs and updates as conditions of sales or as price concessions. My connections with highly-rated local contractors also means that I can recommend experts to help you get your projects done right.



Everybody has a different idea about what “the perfect location” means, but one thing we can all agree on: it’s important. When buying or selling a home, remember to factor location into your considerations.

Woodland Heights is one of Houston’s favorite neighborhoods. How inviting is this front porch? Wouldn’t you want to walk inside?
SOLD in Woodland Heights

Sellers: If you live in a highly-sought after neighborhood, highlighting those perks will be a tremendous help in selling your home. However, if your home’s area has some challenges, don’t worry: I can help you. Believe it or not, there are often things you can do to lessen the impact your home’s location presents. In addition, one person’s negatives can be someone else’s positives. It may be a matter of how the area is framed in marketing. As someone who has worked in the industry for nearly two decades, I know of a variety of solutions for complicated issues.

Buyers: If you’re moving, you’re probably wondering what the various areas of Houston have to offer. What would the commute be like? How walkable is the community? Houston’s a big place, and even moving to a new street in your neighborhood may yield surprises you might love or not be so crazy about. There’s a lot to consider before packing up those bags. A Realtor® can help. As a long-time Houston resident and Realtor®, I have extensive knowledge of area neighborhoods and can help buyers find a home in an area they will love.



A home is the largest purchase most people will ever make, so it’s important to understand how they’re priced. This can really affect your buying or selling strategy!

Sellers: You need concrete information on what similar homes are going for in your area, but with home values seeming to constantly fluctuate, the right number can be hard to ascertain. A Realtor® can help you. I have experience in selling a wide variety of homes, and I can give you solid information on market conditions, how your home compares to similar homes, and how to price to sell.

Buyers:In a hot real estate market, you might find yourself in a position where your ideal home is priced high. You may even wind up in a bidding war. It can be very tempting to overpay for the home of your dreams. I can help. It’s crucial to have a Realtor® by your side to help you draw the line at the right price and get creative when it comes to purchasing a new home without breaking the bank. Sometimes the deciding factor for a seller is also not price. I can help craft an offer that appeals to what is most important to the seller. I have frequently helped my clients win in multiple-bid situations when they did not have the highest offer.



If you think the real estate market is predictable, think again. Although there are generally more homes for sale during the early spring to early summer, the real estate market goes deeper than general peak seasons.

Oh, Timbergrove Manor. How I love the different styles and characteristics this neighborhood has to offer!
SOLD in Timbergrove

Sellers: Knowing what the market is like in general and for your type of home can mean the difference between receiving top dollar for your home and feeling disappointed. A Realtor® can help you. As a trusted real estate professional, I’m happy to advise you on when the right time to list is and what you can do ahead of time to prepare.

Buyers: Depending on the market, the items on your Dream Home Wish List may be exceedingly hard to find, making your dream home pricier than you would have imagined. I can help you find a solution. By looking at homes during non-peak times, I may be able to help you find the home you’ve been searching for – at a much more reasonable price. I can also keep an eye out on alternatives for you, such as newly-listed homes that just need a quick reno.



What can’t be seen can cost you thousands of dollars. We all know someone who has had a bad experience buying or selling a home, and the last thing anyone wants is to be in that person’s shoes.

One of Houston’s oldest homes is 1908 Decatur.
SOLD in Sixth Ward

Sellers: If you have been neglecting any home maintenance, now is the time to make up for that. Get your HVAC serviced, have your roof assessed by a professional, and tend to any structural deficiencies you’re aware of. Buyers are already wary of making such an expensive purchase and aren’t eager to spend more on deferred repairs. When you forget about maintenance, you’ll likely receive lower-value offers. When you factor this in, it usually costs less to get the repairs done than to let them slide. An experienced Realtor® can help. I’d love to help you determine which areas of your home to focus on so you can receive the best offers possible for your home. Also, feel free to ask me for my list of maintenance items to address prior to listing. I can also help with recommendations of professionals who can help you.

Buyers: It’s common knowledge that buyers should do a home inspection, but did you know that there are different kinds of home inspections? I’m happy to help you learn what you need. Several types of home inspections exist and can vary based on things like the age of the house. Neglecting to do the proper home inspections can lead to unexpected and costly repairs. When buying a home, you need to know exactly what you are getting into! After all the work you put in to achieve such a tremendous goal, the last thing I want for you is to be dissatisfied with your purchase. When it comes to home inspections and evaluating what is typically unseen, I will have your back.

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